Check-In Staff

Check-in staff may encounter smuggled wildlife hidden within passenger clothing, in carry-on baggage, or in checked baggage. ROUTES training materials were developed alongside industry experts to help check-in personnel identify red flags and safely handle instances of wildlife trafficking.

Check-in staff e-learning course

This digital course focuses on how check-in staff can help identify illegal wildlife trafficking and what to do if wildlife is discovered. (Duration: ~30 minutes)

Staff can complete the course free-of-charge online by following the link below. Please contact ROUTES for the course files to include the digital course in your learning management system platforms or to add your company logos and branding to the course. 

Click here to begin the e-learning course 

Check-in staff presentation module

The digital course is also available as a PowerPoint presentation deck for in-person training. Detailed notes, talking points, and case studies are provided within the slide notes to guide training staff while delivering the presentation.

A PDF sample of the module is available for download below along with SpanishFrench, and Mandarin translations. Please contact ROUTES to request the full PowerPoint presentation.

Check-in staff toolbox talks

A toolbox talk is a short informal group discussion that focuses on a particular issue. ROUTES has developed a set of toolbox talks for check-in staff to discuss wildlife trafficking together. This set contains four talks designed to be given separately (i.e. once per month/quarter):

  1. Wildlife hidden under passenger clothing
  2. Wildlife hidden in baggage
  3. Wildlife trafficking: what to look for
  4. Wildlife trafficking: staying safe 

Each talk should only last a few minutes. A PDF version is available for download below. 

application/pdf ROUTES check-in staff toolbox talk.pdf — 566 KB