For more information about the ROUTES Partnership and its resources you can reach out directly to one of the partners email provided or you can submit a request in the form below.

Airports Council International (ACI) will continue to support its members in liaising with different airports and organizations. The ACI Wildlife Trafficking Prevention TaskForce will continue to provide a platform for support and guidance among members.

C4ADS is available to support sharing seizure data information and best practices as well as answering questions on the reports, dashboard, or global wildlife trends.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) continues to support awareness raising activities with its members airlines, promote independent wildlife certification and partner with enforcement authorities in the development of cost-effective digital intelligence solutions to help combat wildlife crime.

TRAFFIC is a leading NGO working on wildlife trade globally and available to answer queries about the ROUTES Partnership or wildlife trade in general.

United for Wildlife (UfW) encourages companies in the transport sector to join the fight against the illegal wildlife trade by signing the Buckingham Palace Declaration and joining their regional transport taskforce.

World Wildlife Foundation WWF will continue to support on corporate engagement and direct companies to the appropriate resources that support their anti-trafficking initiatives.