Passenger Screener

Passenger screeners may encounter smuggled wildlife hidden within passenger clothing or in carry-on baggage. ROUTES training materials were developed alongside industry experts to help check-in personnel identify red flags and safely handle instances of wildlife trafficking.

Passenger screener e-learning course

This digital course focuses on how passenger screeners can help identify wildlife trafficking and what to do if wildlife is discovered. (Duration: ~30 minutes)

Staff can complete the course free-of-charge online by following the link below. 

The course is available in five languages: Chinese, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish; all translations can be accessed through the link below.

Click here to begin the e-learning course.

Passenger screener presentation module

The digital course is also available as a PowerPoint presentation deck for in-person training. Detailed notes, talking points, and case studies are provided within the slide notes to guide training staff while delivering the presentation.

A PDF sample of the module is available for download along with SpanishFrench, and Mandarin translations. 

Passenger screener toolbox talks

A toolbox talk is a short informal group discussion that focuses on a particular issue. ROUTES has developed a set of toolbox talks for passenger screeners to discuss wildlife trafficking together. This set contains four talks designed to be given separately (i.e. once per month/quarter):

  1. Wildlife hidden under passenger clothing
  2. Wildlife hidden in carry-on baggage
  3. Indicators of wildlife trafficking on passengers
  4. Wildlife trafficking: staying safe 

Each talk should only last a few minutes. A PDF version is available for download below. 

application/pdf ROUTES passenger screener toolbox talk.pdf — 698 KB