ROUTES launches ‘Step Up to Stop Wildlife Trafficking’ campaign

Jun 02, 2021

ROUTES and United For Wildlife have launched a new engagement campaign aimed at aviation companies wanting to take action to end wildlife trafficking in air transport.

Reports of illegal wildlife seizures over the past year have revealed that, despite restricted travel, traffickers are still taking their chances to smuggle contraband through the air transport system. But these seizures also demonstrate that when companies and law enforcement work together, illegal supply chains can be disrupted.

To help companies strengthen their defenses against wildlife trafficking and encourage others to follow suit, the USAID Reducing Opportunities for Unlawful Transport of Endangered Species (ROUTES) Partnership has launched the ‘Step Up’ campaign in collaboration with United For Wildlife. The campaign slogan “It Doesn’t Fly With Us” sends a clear message to wildlife traffickers that their crimes will not be tolerated.

The campaign guide suggests activities that can be done whether working on site or online, from conducting a survey to hosting an awareness event for staff; putting up posters to organizing employee training. Over the coming months, ROUTES will be working with partners to support their participation in the campaign.

All campaign resources are available here.

For any enquiries related to the campaign, please contact