Etihad Airways E-learning Course

Recognizing that the interconnected air transport sector is being exploited by wildlife traffickers, Etihad Airways has developed a new 20-minute online module designed to inform its employees of the business risks associated with the illegal wildlife trade and ways to prevent them.

This introductory course covers:

  • The implications of wildlife trafficking 
  • Wildlife trafficking trade routes
  • How wildlife is smuggled by air
  • Risks to the aviation industry
  • Ways to prevent and report wildlife trafficking

The e-module is suitable for all airline staff. Etihad Airways has generously made available the source files for industry partners who wish to readapt it and rebrand it for their internal uses. To obtain the files please contact ROUTES.

The e-learning has been developed with the support of TRAFFIC, through the USAID funded Wildlife Trafficking, Response and Priority Setting (Wildlife TRAPS) Project.

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