Africa - Half-Day Wildlife Trafficking Awareness Training

In this half-day training, air transport staff will learn about the risks and impacts of illegal wildlife trafficking, how wildlife is smuggled through aviation, red flags that can help airline and airport staff identify traffickers, and how to safely handle and report trafficked wildlife during a seizure.
These materials were developed for in-person training workshops using PowerPoint presentation modules. Detailed notes, talking points, and case studies are provided throughout the presentations to guide training staff while delivering the sessions. The information is focused on wildlife trafficking in Africa and is broken-up across four presentation modules:


Module 1: Wildlife Trafficking Overview
This module provides an overview of wildlife trafficking to familiarize air transport staff with the issue. By the end of the session, staff will understand:

  • The risks posed by wildlife traffickers to legal transport supply chains
  • Why wildlife is traded 
  • The laws and regulations which govern the trade in wildlife
  • The magnitude and impacts of the illegal wildlife trade

Module 2: Introduction to Wildlife Trafficking on Airlines
This module provides an introduction to wildlife trafficking on airlines. By the end of the session, staff will understand:

  • Why aviation transport is commonly used by wildlife traffickers
  • The characteristics of wildlife smuggled by passengers and air cargo
  • The common routes and hotspots for trafficking wildlife by air

Module 3: How Airline Staff Can Identify Wildlife Traffickers 
This module provides information for air transport staff to identify wildlife traffickers. By the end of the session, staff will understand:

  • The ways used by traffickers to smuggle wildlife by air
  • Where and how airline and airport staff might be able to identify wildlife trafficking 

Module 4: Responding to and Reporting Illegal Wildlife 
This module provides information to air transport staff on how to respond and report illegal wildlife once detected. By the end of the session, staff will understand:

  • The risks of handling trafficked wildlife including disease and injury
  • How to minimize these risks to protect themselves and others
  • How to report wildlife crime
  • How tip-offs from airline and airport staff work and can lead to wildlife seizures

Below are sample PDF versions of the presentation modules available for download. 


application/zip ROUTES Half Day Workshop Modules — 90126 KB