The USAID Reducing Opportunities for Unlawful Transport of Endangered Species (ROUTES) Partnership brings together transport and logistics companies, government agencies, development groups, law enforcement, conservation organizations, and donors to disrupt wildlife trafficking by reducing the use of legal transportation supply chains, and forms a key element of the concerted international response to addressing wildlife poaching and associated criminal activities worldwide.


The ROUTES Partnership supports the transport sector through five key objectives:

  • Improving Data Analytics

    Objective 1

    Improving the data and analytics on wildlife trafficking for evidence-based action

  • Engaging Corporate Leaders

    Objective 2

    Engaging corporate leadership to collaborate to combat wildlife trafficking

  • Training Transport Personnel

    Objective 3

    Improving the ability of transport personnel to assist enforcement to combat wildlife trafficking

  • Strengthening Policies & Protocols

    Objective 4

    Integrating wildlife trafficking policies and protocols into industry standards

  • Increasing Industry Awareness

    Objective 5

    Increasing Collaboration with Enforcement


ROUTES 2-page brochure

At the heart of ROUTES is a core group of partners collaborating with the U.S. Government and the transport sector that includes Airports Council International (ACI), the Center for Advanced Defense Studies (C4ADS), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), TRAFFIC and WWF. The Partnership is funded by USAID and coordinated by TRAFFIC.

The ROUTES Partnership can help provide guidance and resources across the transport sector:

  • Printed and digital awareness-raising materials 
  • Customized staff training on detecting and reporting wildlife trafficking activity
  • Regional and role-specific training materials 
  • Reports, fact sheets, and infographics regarding the latest trends in wildlife trafficking
  • Guidance on incentivizing staff to detect and report wildlife crime
  • Business communications materials and resources
  • Guidance on creating and updating policies
  • Interactive awareness displays
  • Wildlife conservation expert contact list
  • Communications support to promote efforts in the aviation industry to combat wildlife trafficking.

We welcome new partners to work with to tackle wildlife trafficking. For more information please download the ROUTES 2-page brochure.