South and Central Asia - Airline Wildlife Trafficking Awareness Training Modules

Wildlife trafficking is a global issue that abuses the infrastructure of airports and airlines around the world. However, regions may experience different wildlife trafficking trends and patterns depending on local demand, nearby ecosystems, and enforcement capacity, among a variety of other factors. ROUTES has developed a range of training tools that provide both generic and specific information to build awareness among air transport personnel of the modalities and opportunities of illegal wildlife trafficking. Our South and Central Asia training modules focus on sharing region-specific information to develop capacity and incentivize air transport staff throughout South and Central Asia to take action and help combat wildlife trafficking through legal transport supply chains.

Slides in the modules below can be inserted into the general training modules for presentation to personnel in South and Central Asia. For more information on our training materials, please contact ROUTES.

Module 2: Wildlife Trafficking on Airlines in South and Central Asia

Aug 10, 2017 · File

This module provides an overview of wildlife trafficking to familiarize air transport staff with the issue. By the end of the session, staff will understand ...

Module 3: Identifying Wildlife Traffickers in South and Central Asia

Aug 10, 2017 · File

This module provides information for air transport personnel on identifying wildlife traffickers in the Middle East. Replace slides 17 to 23 from the general ...